Participation & Collaboration

Pledging your participation in the No Place Like Home Campaign is easy. Whether you’re representing your unit, facility, team, yourself, or your organization, pledging your commitment to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions is just a click away.

Pledge your participation by accessing our online pledge here:

You Can Support the Campaign by:

  • Promoting participation with colleagues and friends
  • Accessing and sharing the No Place Like Home campaign educational materials and resources
  • Talking to your doctor about the No Place Like Home campaign and its related goals
  • Learning what your organization, unit, or team is already doing to reduce 30-day readmissions and what else might be done today
  • Teaching patients about their chronic illness and when to contact their physician

Benefits of Participation

Participants will receive a variety of support and resources from the Campaign, including:

  1. Opportunities for collaborative learning, planning, and networking
  2. Education offerings that feature local and national subject matter experts profiling best practices and innovative experiences.
  3. Technical assistance in root cause analysis (RCA) and action plan development for reducing readmissions.
  4. An online library of resources and toolkit materials measurement tools, and communication materials.
  5. Ongoing updates to participants as new resources and tools become available.